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OrgWorks was designed to help our clients assess the overall efficiency of their organization, department, unit, or team. OrgWorks provides the most comprehensive picture of your organization at work by combining organizational network analysis with more traditional employee perception surveys. With this information in hand, our clients are able to implement processes and systems that will help drive employee engagement, improve team communication and performance, and increase overall organizational efficiency.

How can OrgWorks help you?

Understand your Organization's
Collaborative Environment

Get a comprehensive understanding of how your team members work, who your key leaders are, and where changes may help facilitate efficiency.

Manage Change

Understand how information flows across your organization in order to develop a streamlined and effective change management strategy.

Rethink your Organizational Structure

Gain a broader understanding of the informal, underlying structure of your organization or team in order to create a more effective and efficient organizational structure.

Increase Employee

Learn more about your employees’ experiences in order to improve upon and create a more cohesive work experience that will drive employee engagement and reduce organizational turnover.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

Figure out if your established communication systems or processes are helping or hindering your organization’s collaboration and efficiency.   

Create Strong Strategic Partnerships

Get a comprehensive picture of the structural health of an organization to inform decisions around strategic partnerships.

Want to know more?

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