Who are we?

Slope is a data and analytics company based in the Denver area. We take a boutique approach to our work, designing custom data and evaluation solutions for our clients. Our experience in research and analysis methodology combined with a background in social sciences allows us to design sophisticated analytic solutions, while also asking the right questions to bring out the story behind the data.

Our Approach to Work

At Slope, we believe in being honest brokers of information. With a strong foundation in research and best practice, our team brings the most current and innovative thinking within the field to our work. As a data-driven organization, we rely on the data to tell the story and work collaboratively with our stakeholders to interpret that story with candor and integrity. We believe that the best information is accurate information, but we also understand the practical limitations that many organizations must work within. Therefore, we take a solutions-oriented approach to our work to ensure recommendations are accurate, data-driven, practical, and realistic to implement. Most of all, through a strong collaborative partnership with our clients, Slope takes a customized approach to our work in order to design and implement protocols that will best fit our clients’ needs and will get them the outcomes that they desire.

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